Hello, we're Vera and Dimitra

Anyone who’s heard of the name of our company FollowQueen Clothing has a hard time understanding the meaning and history behind it. We will try to keep it short and to the point so we can help you to get to know us better.

It all began with two young girls (Vera & Dimitra). Growing up, they always had their parents full support whom called them and made them feel like “Queens”. As  they blossomed into young women they came to the understanding that the message their parents were trying to convey is that they should know and love themselves. 
Today we have united forces and collaborated with much love for the fashion industry and have created a unique line helping every woman to discover, love and reveal the beauty within herself. Choosing each time the unique combination exclusively for her and clothes that will represent her persona. Our mission is to enter every woman’s closet regardless of her age, suggesting only the most beautiful, modern, stylish and elegant clothes while maintaining excellent quality at affordable pricing that will help her appearance take off.

So Follow us & become the Queen of yourself!

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